Face Time

“Mama, I need help with gluing these shapes down,” says child #4.

A few seconds later…

“Mama, I need help please,” a little louder says child #4.

Several seconds later…..

“MAMA, are you hearing me? I need some help,” officially frustrated speaks child #4.

I am about 20 feet away washing dishes and hear only static noise similar to any adults talking on a Peanuts movie. Since becoming a mother, I have this amazing ability to be able to fully ignore people speaking to me. However, I finally snap out of it to say, “Did you say something,Wilks?”


Theodore, our son that has been home from China for 9 months now,  has taught me many things and one of those things is that if I don’t look at him I will miss out on what he is “saying” to me.

Theodore says, “Mama!” And then a pause. “Mama!” again.

Many times I find myself saying, “Yes.” And continuing to do what I am doing only to realize that Theodore is talking to me with his hands.   There is no telling how many times he is “speaking” and I miss it.

Little man signing “thank you”

What a gift it has been to have signing as a way of communicating with him since the day we laid eyes on him.

“Apple, please,” Says Theodore.
This sign means, “Sorry!”

His receiving of information through the English language is truly remarkable and his output of using words is growing, but as research has proven babies understand words and over time are able to speak.   So in the meantime, I am being challenged to give more “face time” than I have been in the habit of doing lately.

Who could resist this ALL time favorite sign, “I LOVE YOU!”

As I was thinking on this the past few weeks, it occurred to me that my children need face time much like my Father in heaven enjoys face time. He loves me (us) so much that it says in the book of Isaiah (43:1) that He has called me by name.

Sadly, I sometimes find myself treating my relationship with the Lord similarly to my weak moments as a mom.

I read my Bible and am distracted as the words are calling out to me to know Him better. Patiently, He beckons me into a loving relationship with Him and I hurry to check my email or to sweep up crushed Cheerios.  As I sit to read and pray my mind far too often races to my “to do” list.

Moses is a good example of someone who had extensive “face time” with the Lord. In Exodus 34 it says,

When Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the two tablets…, he was not aware that his face was radiant because he had spoken with the Lord.” Vs. 29

Wow, his face was so radiant that it actually startled the Israelites!  I don’t really want to scare anyone😉 but I do have a desire to radiate Christ to those I encounter.

Those who look to Him are radiant; their faces are never covered in shame.”          Psalm 34:5

And this Radiance Magic happens as I spend “face time” with my Savior. I have a feeling that it’s  a lesson I will be learning until this life is over.

The fascinating thing is that our children seem to have a radiance about them when I give them the face time they so desire!

“Spa time” after bath time! It occurred to me that it takes me 5 minutes to lather my son with lotion and play “spa”- but I gain a little boy with a heart full of closeness to me!
For my birthday, Sophie Blake gave me Bible time (she put pillows and flash lights in my closet and read to me) and a manicure! Perhaps code for, “I could use some face time, Mama!”

Face Time= I Cherish You💚

6 thoughts on “Face Time

  1. So sweet! We all need to spend more “face time” with our loved ones. Little Theodore peaking through Sophia Blakes arms as she is doing your nails. The reading to you such a great idea. Thanks for sharing. I hope to have more “face time” with you, too. Love, Anita

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  2. Theodore’s smiles just warm my heart! 🙂 I can totally relate to hearing the static noise of the Peanuts adults. Satan definitely uses the distraction tactic against us mamas, I think even more when we are home with the kids all day. God has been giving me the word “intentional” the past few years. You are so right, we have to be intentional in our walk with the Lord and we have to be intentional with our families. We need to encourage each other in this way. Thank you for your post!! 🙂

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  3. Ahhh, face time. Yes. Perfectly said about families and about God. Your glow spread to me just reading your blog. That’s the lovely thing about radiance. It makes others glow, as well. Thank you!


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