“You’re a Giant of a Man”

The blog title words are the words I heard loud and clear as I sat in ICU this Monday morning with my dear mother-in-law, Becky as we looked at my precious father in-law with tubes, masks, and beeping noises from machines that we all wish would just go away and Mr. Jimmy would be able to get up and walk right out of this hospital breathing the fresh air of Spring. 

Steve, a long time friend who is now in his 40s, came by yesterday and said “As I awoke today, a memory came to me first thing this morning. I was 11 years old and on your little league football team, Jimmy.” 

Steve went on to say that he has never forgotten the words that his coach spoke into his life that day 36 years ago.   He was injured and unable to “dress out” to play that day.  Coach Jimmy looked at a young Steve and said, “Well, we might as well go home.” 

Subtle words to say “this team needs you Steve.”  

And this is who Jimmy Ward is. 

The countless men who have sat with him for early morning Bible study, the many small groups that he and Becky have led, being the first to welcome a new family or individual that walked through our churches front doors, the endless elder meetings behind the scenes,  the many meals at our local Mexican restaurant with grandkids, cheering for his favorite football team with grandsons, being in real estate business with Blake for 20+ years, bringing his new grandson Chinese food that totally bonded them, and on and on it goes. 

Yes, “You’re a Giant of A Man” and we ALL



Even though Theodore is still rocking a lovely Christmas hat, 😀 this picture was just taken a few weeks ago.

Proverbs 20:7 

“A righteous man who walks in his integrity– How blessed are his sons after him.”

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