17 YEARS ago today…

…I said, “I do.” 💛

When the news of your engagement was official, all of Jackson let out a collective, ‘Yes!’… Blake, God has molded you into a Godly man, ready to lead his family, God has prepared Catherine for you. Love this woman as Christ loved the church.”              

-Pastor Randy Pierson              June 19, 1999

Blake and Catherine, when you give yourselves away in love to each other, as you have done today, you now live not just for yourself alone, but for one another.”                      

-Pastor Paul Gilbert               

The day was much like today. Blue skies, a perfect breeze, and lower humidity than most June days here in the south. 

I thought the hour would never come before it was time to walk the aisle towards my soon-to-be husband AND to see all the people we love gathered into one place. 

And what a wonderful journey it’s been. 

We were married almost five years before kids and to be honest, we couldn’t imagine adding children to our life. It seemed so full as it was. 

But now we’re so thankful we did add them. The Lord nudged Blake first and then I was won over.  And through that our marriage has been given dimensions we couldn’t dream.  It would have been so boring to do it our way. 

Seeing Blake become a father that is so intentional and selfless has been one of the greatest joys in my life. 

Do we miss being spontaneous and care free? 

Sure, we dream of those times on occasion, but for now….

Let’s be where we are….  

Enjoying each other with a house full of love (and noise and some fighting and Cheerios mashed in the seats. 💙)

 Enjoy life with your wife  whom you love all of the fleeting days God has given      you under the sun.”

          Ecclesiastes 9:9               


4 thoughts on “17 YEARS ago today…

  1. I remember meeting Blake with his best men on the sidewalk at Lambuth before the wedding looking excited and eager. After the wedding we couldn’t get in the reception to wish you well and we finally gave up and came home. So many people who loved you.


  2. Happy Anniversary! I *still* regret missing your wedding. What awesome things God has done in your lives! 🙂


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