Birthday Boy… 

We had a birthday this week with our 5th born turning 5!

 The kids each enjoy breakfast in bed on their birthdays with us all piled around them along with opening gifts.

Blake and I were barely able to make this one happen after another long night of being up – thankfully, the birthday boy didn’t notice! He’s counted down to his birthday since the day after he turned 4. 😊

This little guy is Blake’s twin.

  • He loves his cowboy boots
  • Looks forward to doing “school” each day (hope it sticks 😊)
  • Enjoys being told a good story
  • Loves making paper crafts
  • Playing a card game of “war” is a favorite
  • He’s great at his chores
  • He’s thrilled spending time doing whatever “daddy” is doing
  • And he’s a great right hand man in the garden

One of the 8 best days of my life happened the day he entered the world!

Love you, Cal Cal!!

4 thoughts on “Birthday Boy… 

  1. Happy Birthday sweet Calvin! 🎉🎈Maybe someday I’ll get to meet you in person! 💙 You sure do have a special Mom and Dad!!


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