Our New Friends 

Scott and Sharon with 2 of their girls.

We met on the plane somewhere over the Pacific Ocean when I saw Jeff pacing with one of his beautiful girls. Then later I officially met Sharon in line for the bathroom when I asked if she was going the wrong way with her adopted girls? By that I mean, I expected to maybe see an adoptive family on the plane with Chinese children when we leave the country, but not when we are entering it. 😊

Sharon told me that it’s because tomorrow they are adopting their 7th child from China.  Which will make their 10th child total!! 

It's like mu friend Karin n and her husband Jeff are here since they have 10  children that were all adopted!
We enjoyed “breakfast” at subway together during our layover. We have many questions and it’s such a gift to have them to learn from.

What a  Gift from God to have this family to share the next two weeks with. We both pick up our little ones together tomorrow at the same time and place! 

Karin, it’s like you and Jeff are here with us! (Karin and Jeff are our Jackson friends that have adopted 10 – 6 from China. ) 

4 thoughts on “Our New Friends 

  1. These are the friendships that have a bond like none other! It is a priceless gift and I fully believe God timed it perfectly so that you could be together. Our friends from Ohio who adopted 2, 5 year old boys when we adopted Joy are coming in three weeks to spend a week in our home. I am so thankful to hear this from you!


  2. OH IM SO HAPPY for friends to journey with!!!! Loving these updates and with tears for Theo and you both we understand the depth of all this beauty. Love, Jen


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