We could hardly put one foot in front of the other as we finally made to the hotel- 

48 hours after our journey began. 

We have had a remarkable few days in every way. We are  thankful we are here and can crash now. We were discussing a good plan of how we were going to stay awake a few more hours until night so we can try to be on the new time zone but as we were “making plans” we were both asleep sitting upright and awoke 3 hours later. We forced ourselves to get a shower and eat a snack. 

Now I am alert enough for a little updating on blog while Blake is long asleep. 

 Tomorrow at 3pm we meet Theodore Lee Ward. Only one more night before our lives will be changed forever!!  We have his things unpacked and ready for this little soul to enter our world. 

We can’t wait for him to have a mother and a father that will always have his back!  ALWAYS. Just as Jesus has done for us.

I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. 

Jesus’s words in John 14:18

Good night – please pray for us as we meet him and for our little one as he grieves the loss of all he has known.   Also praying that I can contain my crying so he doesn’t think that his new mother needs a psychiatric ward. 😳 

4 thoughts on “KFC and SLEEP

  1. So excited your “small” town has wifi & you can post!!! Loved reading your updates just now after church…my heart is full reading again how God is blessing you there with your new friends!! He is so faithful. The sermon was about David & Goliath today & how there were so many oppositions staring David in the face (a lot like your adoption journey & especially these past several days!!!) yet the Lord will fight our battles for us! In everything God is at work!!! Go forth with humble confidence knowing you’ve got whatever comes your way because He’s got you!!! Love & prayers – Sarah


  2. We are praying for you guys! So grateful the Lord has worked everything out so far, what a testimony of His watch care over His children. We pray the next 2 weeks go smoothly! Love you guys!


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