THE One, THE Only, THEodore

We decided this year that we are canceling Theodore’s birthday. But don’t worry, we had a celebration and we still gave him presents in honor of his birthday. Age 7 is the year that we want to bottle up and keep frozen in time.

This is the year that Theodore has been home 5 years!

So here are Five Fabulous things about Your life, Theodore:

1. Your laughter is contagious. You can be giggling about something that no one else understands, but somehow we all end up laughing with you.

2. You are the most content child EVER. You can play, draw, and create in such an amazing way.

3. You actually like order and obedience. Once we explain something to you then we can guarantee that you will remember it. Can you please rub this character trait off to some of your siblings please??

4. You are SO brave. You began a new life with us and have embraced it with love and trust.

5. I tell you this nearly everyday but you being our son has been one of the BEST gifts that God has ever given me.

Happy Pretend Birthday, son! #7forever!

Henry has caught on to our Birthday Breakfasts. He woke up at day break to help with decorating and making the big breakfast.

11 thoughts on “THE One, THE Only, THEodore

  1. Happy 7th Birthday!!! What a precious child. You’re all so blessed to have him! I hope this is the best birthday yet (they always just get better every year!)


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