See’s Candies with Your Best Friend

It was the summer of 1992. My best friend, Jeni, invited me to go on a trip to California with she and her Aunt Vicki.

We traveled up the beautiful Pacific Coast Highway (State Route 1) from LA to San Francisco.

I will never forget our final stay in San Francisco. Yes, the ferry ride around the famous Alcatraz was fascinating but the MOST memorable moment was far less educational……

It was my first time in a See’s Candies store. Aunt Vicki said the butterscotch lollipops would be the most wonderful lollipop of our lives. And SHE was right! I still have the buttery taste etched in my memory despite 30 years lapsed.

Fast forward to my made of honor, Jeni, passing away last year.

We recently had the privilege of attending her Celebration of Life service and I had the honor of sharing a few memories of our past together.

The week following ….. what came in the mail?!

See’s Butterscotch Lollipops

A HUGE BOX!! From Aunt Vicki.

I squealed in surprise, then my tears came down. Oh how I wish I could enjoy one side by side with Jeni like we did all those years ago.

And now our children have tasted why they are the best lollipops in all the world!!

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