I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Snow Cream!

In all of my life (and from what I can tell most people in West Tennessee) this is the MOST SNOW we have ever seen!

I believe 3 years ago we received 2 inches or so but our children have a saying. “33 degrees and raining- a West Tennessee Winter. “

HOWEVER, this week we had ALL of our ❄️ snow dreams ❄️ come true!!

From learning to cross country ski….

To taking MANY sled rides behind a tractor that our neighbor pulled….. “sled” as in a large piece of plywood….. we’re country people folks!

To cups of hot cocoa and warm roasted peanuts (my mom suggested we get some in preparation of the big snow – she has fond memories of this as a child in which kids stuffed their pockets with the warm peanuts before hand warmers came along) as we thawed out and let the clothes run through the dryer time and time again …..

Then there was Snow Camping to be had by certain boys in the family. They DID NOT INHERIT THIS FROM ME, folks!

And then there was one of my favorite memories of taking the youngest two on a hike during the second wave of snow to our “neighbors” house (neighbor as in – I was pretty sure it was a 6 mile hike but Blake said it’s closer to 1 1/2 miles- why does he have to know so much anyway?) 😬

There is something magical about having a hike in the snow AND a destination to work towards. We knew if we could find the CHURCH after going over the stream, hills, and woods- it would mark that we weren’t too far away. The boys asked if they could pack their leftover “Waffle Wednesday” waffles in their square pockets which fit just perfect! Not to mention, that our friends had hot bakery chocolate muffins coming out of the oven as we arrived! SCORE!!

SNOW CREAM was another highlight. So much of a highlight that I said it could be an “all you can eat” buffet and by today I heard a child say, “I don’t think I can eat any more snow cream.” Well, we will have many years to crave it again in hopes we have another snow this decade. ⛄️

What a joy this week has been. It was complete with a Liturgy reading called “First Snow” from a book we have enjoyed so much called, Every Holy Moment.


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