Spreading Sunshine

Blake has had a new phrase for our family as squabbles arise this past month.

“Let’s Be a Family That Spreads Sunshine”

Blake has said this as a little reminder that we get to choose whether or not our words criticize, tear down, or bless one another.

This has also been a great phrase for the relationships outside of our family as well. Can we spread sunshine with whoever we meet today? The workers coming and going as they add a new bedroom onto our house, the mailman, the kids’ art teacher, our “pick up” delivery worker from the grocery, customers where our oldest serves coffee, clients that Blake meets, classmates at our co op, and on and on it goes.

We had the awesome opportunity to “Spread Some Sunshine” this past week with a new local business.

It is a tea store! When our oldest son and I went in one day she was explaining that she wanted to advertise with a rap song. I immediately thought of our 4th born who has a knack at rapping. Also, he can memorize material, passages, songs, “raps” , etc. pretty quickly.

Wilks indeed got the words to the rap and went to work!

We went back a few days later and videoed it at the new store.

We are still smiling from ear to ear at the fun we had watching Wilks choreograph the song with his siblings, rap, and “be in his element!” Let’s see if it will make you smile…….click below: 👇

Wilks and the Wonders

The most amazing part of “spreading sunshine” is when we spread it we often end up feeling like all of that “sunshine”☀️ is blessing us – maybe even more than those we are “spreading” it on. Now isn’t that a wonderful mystery?

“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up.” I Thes 5:11

2 thoughts on “Spreading Sunshine

  1. That is hilarious! The kids did a great job!! It took me a minute to realize that was Sophie Blake and not Alexandra! She is all grown up!! Hope you are enjoying the snow!!


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