Happy Birthday, Theodore!

I am about 3 weeks late on finishing this post but wanted to make it happen……

I was tucking Theodore into bed the evening before his birthday and this is our conversation:

“Tell me what you love about our family?” Me

“Well, I love my bed.” Theodore

“And our farm. “

“And freedom. “

“I really like my scooter. “

“The world.”


“Anything else? “ I asked fishing for, “I really like you mama.”

“Oh yes, I like my bins where my toys go.”

I am CERTAIN if he has gotten to the bins where his toys go he could mention me at this point.

“Anything else?” Me

“Uh huh! I really like that I have drawers to put my clothes in. “

“Theodore!! Can you think of ANYTHING ELSE?” I am now pointing profoundly to myself as I ask.😊

“Oh Yes!!” Theodore says. “I really like daddy and you.”

Then he lowers his voice and says, “But I especially like my toys.”

Happy Birthday precious son! (Even if I barely make your top 100 list)

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