Waffle Wednesday, Woohoo!

Friends, we NO longer have ordinary Wednesdays.

THIS is the kind of Wednesday that you are excited to wake up for!

The kind of Wednesday that you know is going to be fantastic simply by hearing the whirring sound of the Kitchen Aid Mixer. Because you know that inside that mixer are fluffy, peaked egg whites that will be gently folded into the waffle batter.

And this my friends has to be my one of my favorite things about 2020.

Wednesdays are THE day when Sophie Blake and Wilks declared that they would make waffles.

We began our new Waffle idea with two things:

  • We watched a little class by the Pioneer Woman on making waffles with the egg white method. The kids mastered it and walla!
  • We Purchashed this awesome waffle maker! (I used my Christmas money and when I opened it the kids flipped out and there was a brief discussion on who the waffle maker was for— the answer: ALL OF US) This waffle maker produces 4 at a time which speeds up the production line so we can eat before dinner time.

Once they mastered the actual waffles….. that was just the beginning. Then I taught them how to make a:

Honey Berry Sauce 🍓

And ……

Fresh whipped Cream

Our Wednesdays run later than our other school mornings…..

The later morning routine is a combination of the extra cooking time plus the enjoyment of the good food that helps us linger with our conversation. I took notice of all that we talked about over waffles this past week and the topics were as vast as::

– Soph shared about her soccer game and how it went the night before and the team dynamic.

– There was a discussion on our schedule for the day.

– Blake shared a bible verse to unpack from Psalm 119.

– One child shared about a riveting dream they had dreamt.

– We also had a small practice session demonstrated by an older child on a preferable way to open and close doors without touching every inch of the glass surrounding the windows and doorknobs for our exterior doors. 🤣

-The kids talked about how they hoped to camp out this weekend when the fall weather moves in.

– We heard a new joke that Theodore came up with.

– Caleb talked about his golf match and how he and his team scored the evening before.

The “late” morning isn’t really “late” come to think of it.

~It is Right On Time ~

These days are fleeting and I want to embrace every last WAFFLE WEDNESDAY with Berry Sauce and Whipped cream that I have the pleasure of being a part of.

I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.”

Psalm 119:11

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