Let’s Get Packed

We were back in Denver with much to do.

We had to sort our things, go back to the RV to take things that we couldn’t take on the plane, and re pack what we could.

By re pack, I mean that my things were in trash bags since all my clothes were placed in the RV closets and cabinets.

Much to our surprise some of our new friends at Trail West, Wild n Free weekend, put ALL of their stuff into trash bags and gave us ALL of their luggage. They insisted! So poor Leah, Nigel, and kids, traveled all the way back to Long Beach, CA with trash bags. They knew we couldn’t do the same on the plane. This pretty much makes us friends forever.

Blake was so sad to leave sleeping bags, golf clubs (he managed to get some on the plane!), fishing poles, kayaks, (So sorry Lisa that we have your kayaks!!) and bikes! I told him that we should just pretend we are going on a mission trip for a month or two without all of our toys. He said, “You mean we as in the kids and I are going on a mission trip. I don’t believe any of these items are things that you do regularly.”

Fair enough.

Good Bye RV!!

We also got to have dinner at some of our new friends from camp that live in downtown Denver.

We loved seeing Andy, Sarah, and their 3 awesome kids one more time!

Sarah even gave me the picture right off of her wall! And now it’s in the RV- can’t wait to see it again!

Denver airport!
First flight since China- Theodore reminded all the kids that he knew how to fly! This flight however was so much more peaceful than that flight from China with one trauma filled little guy!

“For the Lord your God will be with you WHEREVER you go. “ Joshua 1:9

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