Wild-n- Free Family Camp

We were able to begin our day getting our altitude sick son some oxygen at an Oxygen Coffee/Smoothie Bar to help him over the final hump of altitude sickness.

The rest of the family had breakfast at Daylight Doughnuts.

Calvin picked me a bouquet just as we were leaving and it served as a reminder that day of hikes with Colorado Wildflowers surrounding us.

As we left Breckenridge we took the beautiful drive through the Rockies into the town of Buena Vista. There is a Young Life camp there called Trail West.

This is how the whole trip started. We signed up for a weekend camp with 50 other homeschool families and then pieced the trip around it.

Words CANNOT describe the kid friendly beautiful place of Trail West.

The staff are like angels floating behind the scenes cleaning up mashed cheese sticks and crushed popcorn off of the floors. Never once did I see an evil eye over the kids being over active or too messy. The spilled drinks at dinner were cleaned with kindness and love. I could use some Young Life work crew training so I can be that calm over rowdy kids and mashed cheese sticks.

The children couldn’t believe the lack of chores for themselves also. 😊 And the camp had running water which was a huge plus. 😂

This is a super EASY place to “be where my chacos are!”

Our weekend included:

  • meeting new friends
  • eating amazing food
  • playing until we couldn’t play anymore
  • dancing at the hoe down
  • conquering the ropes course that Blake once had the job doing at a Young Life camp
  • competing in the Talent Show- shout out to Wilks Ward for taking first place in the “Fresh and Clean” category with a Trip Lee rap taken from Romans 1:16 called “I am Not Ashamed”

And Wilks, you ARE so fresh and clean NOT to mention my favorite rapper FOREVER!!

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