Arches and Salt Lake City, Baby!

After our adventure at Colorado National Monument, we made the drive over into Utah.

We started our day at The Arches. The Ranger station there was fantastic. We all loved the museum portion and the movie helped us to learn more about the Arches and the amazing way that God formed them.

It was 104 degrees so we drank tons of water as we explored the park.

Then we were off to Salt Lake City. The Howells who are our good friends, former neighbors, and also one of our former pastors at our church moved out to SLC a year ago. Yay for time with friends!

We spent our day in Salt Lake City exploring downtown. It was a blast to take a 45 minute train ride since they live south of the city.

We loved seeing the mountains as we were in the city.

We toured the Mormon Tabernacle as part of our time in the city. We spent a lot of time processing the differences of Christianity with the Mormon religion. There are many, including the FREE gift of Jesus giving His life for us. Romans 6:23

We also went to the splash pad while we were down in that area as well.

We took the train back home to grill burgers. The guys played golf and we had the joy of making one more big splash in their neighborhood pool along with a playground while we watched the sunset.

💗What fun in the city.


-Good FOOD


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