Paperwork Time for Theodore

When the email arrived from our agency, Madison Adoption, I found myself excited.

I wrote Heather, the precious worker that sends out reminders, back to let her know how I was looking forward to filling it out. Up until now our social worker has been required to do it but at year 3 I am allowed to do it myself! I am free labor so this is a plus!

I was so surprised by my cheerful attitude- since for those that know me or have been reading for long know that …..


Reminder- I am the girl that didn’t get a visa as we stood in LA ready to board the plane to China….

But this time I sense the grace in God gently growing me as I didn’t see this as drudgery but instead an opportunity to reflect on Theodore’s life with us and all that has happened.

I have cried in gratitude as I filled out each and every question.

He is home and he is settled. He loves us and we love him more than we could ever have imagined. Each time I cuddle him and look into those deep rich eyes I see a gift that I could not have anticipated. God had so much more for us than we dreamed. I told him this week that my heart may burst with love for him. He replied, “I love you more than our house.”

I can’t believe that God let us be a part of adoption. The older kids are saying profound things lately about this beautiful thing that has happened to us. A child that has bonded and molded into the rhythm of our family. A brother they can’t imagine NOT having.

After dinner tonight, the kids asked us to play a game that they created called “Come to Papa.” No idea why that phrase but Blake and I jumped in and sat in the circle. Theodore sat in the middle and we all had arms opened wide and said, “Come to Papa, come to Papa.” He would choose one person to run into their lap to get a big cuddle and then that person removed themselves from the circle. We all eventually got hugs and kisses. We laughed and laughed at his choosing a family member one by one to hug and snuggle with.

God, you have done a miracle. Thank you!

“The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.

Psalm 126:3

2 thoughts on “Paperwork Time for Theodore

  1. I love that he said he loves you more than “our” house! That is true bonding, that it is now his home, too. Praise God for answered prayers!! Love to all of you as you continue this beautiful journey!


  2. What a fun game!!
    This reminds me – when Liam was about Theodore’s age, he told me that he loved me more than he loved our van. I guess the van was really special! Lol!!


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