Happy at The Hub

As I am writing, we are just pulling into our town from an amazing family vacation at the beach. It’s been a week of building sand castles, riding bikes, meeting new friends, celebrating my sister in law’s birthday, and even swimming with a big sea turtle that they spotted out playing in the ocean.

There is a really fun spot to take your family to on 30A (the highway that runs through this area) for some fun “food truck” snacks where they are loading up a pile of nachos and scooping creamy mounds of homemade cookie dough ice cream. There is also an amazing lawn with funky chairs to enjoy, lights strung overhead, and on this particular night there was a kid movie on the giant jumbo screen.

It is here that Blake and I discovered a phenomenon.

As soon as the movie is over or at other times when people are gathered to watch their favorite team play football the kids run like crazy (ours absolutely included) on this awesome turf grassy area. It’s soft as silk on your feet and it’s as if the kids instinctively know …..

“This is where I can go crazy. I can let loose and run and laugh and do gymnastics and play karate and chase my toddler brother learning to walk.”

At one moment, a dad came near me and said, “Do you know who the mother is of this little guy?” It was Theodore and folks don’t usually put me as his mother in a public space for obvious reasons with his wonderful Asian features.

So I said, “I am his Mama.”

The father then said, ” I wanted to apologize for my 3 year old going crazy on him. He had him on the ground wrestling.”

I of course just laughed that our theory is indeed true. KIDS LOVE THE HUB! Not to mention that it was the highlight of Theodore’s night to have a kid his size wrestle him.

It got me to thinking about where in my life do I have an instinctive nature to run, laugh, and go crazy? After a few minutes of thinking I realized that I am P-R-E-T-T-Y boring.

So then I lowered the standard and asked myself “What gets you excited Catherine?” Maybe not run like crazy and do flips excited but adult- like excited?

My answer came within miles as we pulled onto the highway leaving 30A through Grayton Beach. I remembered this quaint bakery that my friend, Alexandra, told me about called The Black Bear Bread Company. The pastries are similar to a French Cafe and the bustling of the workers in a tiny space making coffee and serving tea with milk makes my heart sing.

There were no back flips but this muffin- like -croissant-like sugary pastry was worth the whole drive to the beach.

When we got back in the car I asked Blake what makes him want to act like those kids at the Hub. I already knew his answer but I wanted to hear him confirm what I thought.

“Well, I don’t really ever find myself wanting to run and act that crazy but getting to play a round of golf, going on a hike with the kids, and getting on my bike all get me excited.”

I was thinking about how David in the book of 2 Samuel (6:14) danced before the Lord. I had to look it up to remember why he was recklessly dancing with joy and I found that it was because the ark of the Lord had been returned to the Israelites. Not only did he dance but he then began passing out French pastries (actually it was date cakes, but you get the point).

When was the last time I danced before God? It’s taking me a minute to answer that, but I can remember doing it once when the kids all left the house with Blake one day. The reason seems obvious, I was ALONE! Also, I felt free out in the country with no eyes on me singing praises and dancing in the front yard.

My secret dance didn’t exactly compare to DAVID dancing in front of all of Israel but I can relate to that feeling of bursting with joy over what God has done in my life.

So there- ONE memory of recklessly dancing with no inhibition.

I want to be more like those kids at The Hub- enjoying the space where I am. Taking time to play more and now that I have remembered the story of David to not hesitate to celebrate who God is and what He is in my life. Not to mention handing out French pastries as I celebrate with others!

Here’s the FAM- Happy at the Hub Here’s the FAM- “Happy at the Hub”

4 thoughts on “Happy at The Hub

  1. What a perfect way to start my day! Thanks for sharing your vacation with us. I am now trying to think of what makes me dance as if no one is looking. I will have to get back to you on that.❤️❤️


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