Will you help be a Voice for the Voiceless?

I recently discovered that International adoption has dropped 81% since 2004.

In 2004, there were 22,989 international adoptions. In 2016, there were 5,370. Oh how grateful we are that it wasn’t 5,369.

Yes, Theodore has blessed our lives in ways we never could have imagined. And since adoption has changed our lives, we would like to ask you to help make a change so that more children can be brought into a forever home.

If you readers would take just a quick minute and click on this link https://adoption.com/save-adoptions to sign a petition to Washington regarding this crisis for orphans around the world.

It’s a petition that is asking for our country to re- evaluate the way we do foreign adoptions.

While there are many reasons why the decline has happened, one big reason is due to our own government policies.

I have been told that if the White House receives 100,000 signatures in 30 days then they will respond!

Please help and please share with others!


Let’s be a voice for those that have none.

Would you please share with your friends in addition to taking less than 1 minute to sign the petition? https://adoption.com/save-adoptions

Sincerely and grateful,


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