This Chinese New Year…

Is one to celebrate!! 

Oh how we ached for him this time last year. We talked of what he may or may not like to eat, whether he drank from a sippy cup, what made him happy or sad we wondered. Does he sleep well? Will he have a sense of humor like the rest of our children?

And now we know…… 

  • He is happy the majority of the time! 
  • He drinks from a sippy cup and eats practically anything offered (T is especially drawn to Asian food- I have been attempting to recreate some of the meals we ate in China!)
  • He sleeps like a champ (after our first months home – ahem! After I nearly lost my head of not sleeping as previously noted in other blog posts😂) 

Theodore fits  our family like white on rice!

I’ll borrow some words from one of our favorite “dance around the den” songs by Toby Mac called “She was made for me.”

Cause he was made for me

God gave’im to me

I said I’d hold on loose but I so wanna squeeze you

Just right for me and for the life of me

I can’t believe I get to call him mine

*Toby’s word are “she” and “her” Since he wrote this song about their marriage 🙂

You were made for us Theodore! 

Happy Happy Chinese New Year! 

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