Dear Foster Mom, 3 month update

Thank you. From the deepest places in our hearts we thank you.

We’ve been home 3 months now and you are constantly on our minds. You are so selfless to of spent nearly two years caring for our precious adopted son.  It is obvious that you loved him well.

You gave of yourself knowing that he would hopefully get adopted into a forever family. We can’t imagine how hard it is for you to not have him in your care after spending day after day loving him.

If he could tell us, we know he would say that he misses you. One day, he will realize how you are part of God’s weaving his life for good. We will tell him of your sacrifice and love as he grows.

It is one of the most selfless things to think of the commitment of a foster mother (foster parents).  To love well and yet to release a child into someone else’s care. And to think you will most likely not see that child again.

I want to shout it from the mountain tops,


Theodore is adjusting well. He loves us, his new family. We know he misses you still. But his heart is healing from the adjustment of a new family, land, language, and customs.

He has hard days, but they are fewer than before. One thing is he is overwhelmed in large groups such as when I have taken him to the farmers market, church and/or his siblings homeschool co-op. Everyone wants to touch him since he’s so  adorable, as you know, which frustrates him sometimes.

He rarely is sleeping through the night yet without crying out a few times.* Did he sleep for you?   We think he wakes up needing reassurance that we are still here.

Theodore loves being outside.

Some of his favorite things to do are to play in the sand box with one of his brothers/sisters and to play with the “meows” (kittens).   He also loves putting golf balls with his new brother, Caleb and he enjoys his fun chunky puzzles along with reading a good book!

We’ve recently discovered that he loves the beach!

We realize that most orphans do not have the opportunity that Theodore had of a foster Mama like you. Many are rarely touched, engaged with, and even barely have their physical needs met.

We are deeply grateful for the way his orphanage where you live has a foster care program within it.

I still can not believe that we received a book with pictures of him as a baby and in your care. We will cherish it always. This will help him to put pieces of his life together as he grows.  I have yet to look at it and not weep in gratitude over the snapshots of his little life there in China.

Thank you seems so inadequate.

But I will say again-


We pray for you-

With deepest gratitude,

Catherine (for our whole family)

*He is now sleeping through night most of the time!

3 thoughts on “Dear Foster Mom, 3 month update

  1. These pictures of Theodore are just precious. He has many smiles on his face now!! After 3 months with your dear family, I am positive he loves you so much. This letter will truly melt the foster mom’s heart. ❤️


  2. Love this, Catherine! And love seeing so many sweet smiles! It so awesome to see God joining you guys together as a family. We are praying for all of you and that Theodore will continue to bond with you! 🙂


  3. So happy that Theodore was so loved by his foster family. It really makes a huge difference to have that attachment early on. He is a precious child. Theodore makes me teary as I watch him play (and in photos playing!!). You are blessed. Prayers for your continued journey.


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