Day 8 – No Paperwork Today! 

We had a “down” day before our U.S. Consulate appointment tomorrow. 

This is the breakfast room. Theodore apparently ate too fast and “spit up” (conservative way to say it) all over me and the table at breakfast.  Blake was buying us water and I was saying, “Help someone please. Help me.” I was really wishing I knew Cantonese (most in this area speak Cantonese) at this moment. 😳 But after a minute Blake heard me and came to the rescue.   

This is our lovely hotel.  Many brides come here for wedding pictures like this bride below: 

and so do models such as this one below : 

Here are some new friends that I had the  pleasure of meeting. 

The above pic is the ONLY way Blake gets away with touching the stroller- sleeping prince. 

Theodore is still crying most of day but not if we re strolling or if I am standing (not sitting) holding him.   It doesn’t work to eat in a restaurant since that includes sitting.

However, he is sleeping great and we are SO grateful.   

We had a beautiful view of the city at the pool today. Blake swam and we watched. 

This is on the top floor of the partner hotel .
Mr. Universe on top of the world!

Tomorrow is our consulate appointment! Looking forward to seeing Old Glory flying high outside the U.S. building – as we remember those who have fought for our freedom! 

13 thoughts on “Day 8 – No Paperwork Today! 

  1. Blake, Catherine , and Theo,

    Jim and I are following your uplifting adventures on your lovely blog.
    What humbling, meaningful, and thrilling experiences you are having!

    So happy you have found each other. The sweetest brothers and sisters in Jackson, TN , USA await the arrival of their newest brother. Love abounds!

    Sending all of you our warmest and best wishes . God bless.

    Jeanie and Jim Todd


  2. Oh little guy–I’m so sorry you are still so sad. 😢

    I’m thankful you are able to stroll around Shamian Island since that keeps him from crying. And thankful he’s sleeping well. Praying for some smiles today.


  3. So sorry your little guy got sick! 😢 Glad Blake could come to the rescue!

    The hotel looks lovely! 💕

    Theodore’s “on the go” personality reminds me of Blake! 😊

    Still praying for those tears to turn to laughter. 💙 “You, Lord, hear the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them, and you listen to their cry”

    Praying! ❤️


  4. Loving the updates, as you know! We are looking into this hotel now that I found the price! What a bargain!!!!! Prayers for you always!!!!
    We loved Shamian island! Enjoy the peacefulness and beauty.. Go dance with th dancers and so play hacks sack! I want to see those pics! Hahaha


  5. Thank you for sharing your journey with us- I get so excited everyday you have a new post up! I know it must be difficult during such a busy time of travel and transition, but you are blessing so many by allowing us to follow you guys in this journey!
    We can’t wait to see your beautiful face and your newest baby boy when you get back to Tennessee !
    Love you and praying for a smooth and safe remainder of the trip for you 3!!


  6. If you weren’t a mother of 6 children, canine mommie to two, feline mommie to ??? I lost count, chef, housekeeper, counselor, farmer, teacher, activity planner, chauffeur, wife, mentor, student of scripture, and……..I would recommend you be an author. 😊😊You have captured your adventures in picture and prose so well. I’ve enjoyed reading your journey. So glad that in the midst of the challenges and exhaustion that you and Blake are having a chance to enjoy parts of China. You two are such a great team!

    My heart breaks for all the adopted children and the confusion they are experiencing. Praying for them and you three for peace in your travels home.



    1. Thank you Kathy for all of the encouraging words- I think you have me mistaken with someone else 😉.
      It breaks our hearts too. What a privilege to get to nurture one of the Lord s children around the world.
      We met someone today that picked their child up from an orphanage that had 700 children and she said you couldn’t hear a peep coming from the walls of it. How devastating it is – the needs are so great here and around the world.

      Theodore will be blessed to have Uncle Mark and Aunt Kathy in his life. 💙


      1. I’ve heard about that and I know the Lord has protected my heart from that because I would be a disaster and that wouldn’t be good for those kids. Waiting for a new update! It should be 11:30pm there and I’m concerned you might’ve fallen asleep before updating! Hahahhah. You can’t do that to us! Lol


      2. I am laughing so hard.
        Problem is my editor wasn’t able to edit before he fell asleep. And I am far too dependent on him 🙂
        He was in the lobby with all of his new Chinese friends telling them good bye. They kept calling the room asking for him! The phone rang 4x in an hour while thankfully Theodore kept sleeping. 😳


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