Day 6- Not my Favorite Day ….

Before I explain about why it wasn’t our favorite day, let me begin on a positive note…

We are staying at a Hotel (est 1895) that reminds us of Williamsburg, VA. I feel like a princess here! It has lots of charm and I am so very grateful that we asked to be here and not at the “normal” place where adoptees stay (thank you Karin for the info to stay here).   And as a bonus,  we are saving money by staying here!   😉

Here Theodore is having Dim Sum at breakfast. Kids, remember when we studied China last year and researched what Dim Sum was??

Blake and I are having such a wonderful time together and we are grateful to God for this time  getting to know our little Theodore in his homeland. He loves rice and noodles and broth. And I am so thrilled that we can have all of that for him for about $3.    It fed all of us last night- hard to believe what $3 can buy!

We are here in Guangzhou because it’s part of the adoption process for China (as some of you know and have experienced it 😉.) It is mandatory that you spend your first week in your child’s province and your second week in Guangzhou doing more paperwork medical visit, and consulate appointment.

Our consulate appointment is Tuesday, and we are free to leave 48 hours after, which will be on Thursday. It’s not too soon to get you prayer warriors on this one for our 29 hours of  traveling back! 😝 Please pray for our little one to be peaceful.

I have been rationing my dark chocolate with sea salt and see that I am down to 3 pieces which poses a huge problem for the flight home😳.

Now on to “my not so favorite day.”  The medical appointment day!  The room was packed with a ton of adoption families and their nervous, sometimes crying, babies and children- not to mention uneasy parents.  We saw children dealing with anguish and shock over being taken from all they have ever known. Even though we as adults know what a gift it is to take in a child, many aren’t able to understand or receive the love this soon.

It was moving looking out over the sea of faces who are on this journey with us. There are a half a million orphans in China and an estimated 147 million worldwide.

Theodore,  like most others in the room, was exhausted and we had to stand in line after line waiting for each check up (such as eyes, hearing and TB test, etc.). Also, he just plain didn’t feel good.

We were gone from the hotel close to 4 hours. My back was worn out from standing and holding him- (he cries when I try to take a seat with him ) and my head was aching. It was SO hot in that medical facility.  Have any of you more experienced adoptive parents found this day difficult?

He didn’t cry for some of this portion!

We survived and I am glad it s behind us!

In case you’re curious what Blake is up to- he is juggling his own things such as keeping up with paperwork everywhere we go and paying for things as needed and keeping enough water bought at all times for us in this hot climate . Also, he is the photographer (quite an important job!) 💚 and he is the blog editor as best he can. He also attempts to love on Theodore of course.  Along with being my best friend and sharing this experience with me.

The rest of the day we saw tiny changes in Theodore. He learned how to eat a banana ( he thought you eat the peeling.)

Look at this cutie from behind working on his banana.

He took a 4 hour nap which helped tremendously! Then we walked around our little oasis here.

Theodore is still not dare wanting Blake to touch the stroller! But he is softening a morsel.

Now this is my kind of a Starbucks!

The day ended with noodles and broth and cuddles. And the assurance that God is close- even when it’s “Not My Favorite Day.” 💙

Trivia answer: I am sure you are all on pins and needles 🤓

Guangzhou is #1 in size if you include the metro area- 44 million!  🤔 Or #4 without metro at nearly 13 million.  Funny how a few short weeks ago I had never even heard of it!

One “Made in China” gift for the winner!  🎎🎎🎎

6 thoughts on “Day 6- Not my Favorite Day ….

  1. Oh, sweet friend! I am filled with so much happiness and tears reading each blog. I lava you so and can’t wait to have you back in the states. 💛


  2. Continuing to pray for you all. ❤️ Asking God to knit Theo’s heart to his PARENTS – how exciting!! Love to you all


  3. Praying for strength, endurance, peace, and joy for all of you, and praying for your upcoming trip home as well! Hugs!! 🙂 Phil 4:13


  4. Thank you so much for commenting and for the encouragement and prayers!

    Happy Memorial Day! It s hard to believe that there is a holiday happening back home!! No grilling out happening here, 😀but we ‘ll eat some watermelon off of the breakfast bar!


  5. The medical exam is always awful. Most of our kids were a hysterical mess. Just couldn’t wait for it to be over. Soooo glad you like Shamian! It’s so peaceful and pleasant. I seem to detect a slight softening of Theodore’s features–maybe his anxiety is lessening a bit? Love you guys and will be praying for your trip home.


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