Day 3- Narnia

Good morning little one! We can’t believe you’re really here!

Let s go eat some breakfast-  

Maybe today  you will smile. It seems like an eternity since that bath tub moment with you. I can’t wait until you feel more safe and secure and able to laugh again. We love you so much and praying for you as you grieve and trust and process.

Noodles for breakfast? Why, yes, we’re in China!

After breakfast we wanted to take a walk where Blake has gone  for a run a few times and would come back telling me of a place he found right behind our hotel. He said,” I half think it might be a dream. But you come and see.”

I’ll try to take you along so you can understand.

For those that have read the Chronicles of Narnia books you remember the fairy land that awaited Peter and his siblings at the back of a wardrobe. Well, our “Narnia” begins after you walk across a green lawn next to our hotel.  Then you come  upon a stone path- a steep stone path going straight down, but before you climb below, this is at the entrance:

Now zoom in good- yes, you are seeing a tiny old gentlemen on a very tiny hammock. Reminds me of something Blake would do  – laying in a hammock where thousands pass by while taking a rest.

But no, he is a barber. And he lays there waiting on his next customer.

And so Narnia begins.

We climb down and enter a 5 mile track.

Theodore loved his stroller ride.

Older ladies doing exercise classes.
Couples dancing!

Then around a bend is a carnival!

Look at these flowers!

This is where Blake and I threw frisbee while Theodore looked at his family album we made him.

And then our Narnia ended and we disappeared back to the green lawn and hotel!😊

Later that day, we needed some more water so we took a cab to get some .

A game of Russian roulette may have been safer!

Theo decided he was most happy out of the hotel. So we walked and walked a good 6-8 hours.💙

No smiling today. But we ‘ll wake up and do it all again!

5 thoughts on “Day 3- Narnia

  1. Awww…bless his little heart. He is so sad. He doesn’t understand what he has been given. It always reminds me of our relationship with God. We know we have been adopted by Him but sometimes we just don’t understand what is happening to us and we get confused and sad. Loved the Narnia scenes! Forgot to warn you about the traffic…😂 Jeff calls it synchronized chaos. Praying for you guys!


  2. I know you are trying so hard. Just try to relax and let it happen. At least Theodore isn’t screaming. He’ll love you both soon.


  3. The girls keep saying how adorable he is! We have prayed twice for you guys today, this last time for his heart to be joined to yours quickly and for him to see God’s love coming through you and to be able to trust you quickly. I know it must be hard to know he is having to process this transition and is grieving on his own level. We prayed for you to not be discouraged and to see a smile from him soon! Love you guys!


  4. So, the girls have been playing with their dolls and told me their dolls are adopting children. 🙂 Hope’s doll’s child is named “Hannah Lee Abbott”. God is definitely using your adoption to touch others! 🙂


  5. Lamentations 3:22-23 “The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.”

    What a picture of faithfulness you are already giving Theodore! 💙 And the Narnia parallels were great! Love to all and continued prayers!! 😊


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