Day 1- China

The crib brought into our room while we were away. Look Calvin! Here’s the bear you sent!


We slept great …. Until 4am when I awoke to an alarm going off in our room. My first thought was that our safe was being tampered with (clearly not thinking straight). I slapped the bed next to me to see if Blake was awake and could hear the chaos.

But Blake was the chaos. 😊 I am still confused but he got up and tried to leave our room and an alarm went off. Then all of the lights came on as he tried to figure out what was causing the alarm to go off. (Apparently,  in this Chinese hotel if you have the door locked and try to open it the alarm goes off.) 

We are rested though and ready for our “Forever day” with our new son! 

He is really coming today! I have had texts from many of  you about how I am in labor – I am in the transition phase and ready!! 

Please pray for us today! -that Theodore will be comforted today as he is moved from the orphanage where he has lived for 2 years, and that he will know he can trust us and be loved by us. I can’t imagine what his little mind will be thinking as he is whisked off by a couple of funny lookin people. πŸ‘¦πŸ»πŸ‘ΆπŸ½πŸ‘©πŸ»

One thought on “Day 1- China

  1. We are praying that today will be perfect in every way for your sweet baby. God has every detail of this journey. You are in the shadow of his wing! We love you!
    Amy Blake & Wick


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