Hey Kids…

Well, daddy told me that while I was taking one of about 40 naps on our 14 hour flight that he got swatted on his hand with a stick by the stewardess for using his phone. “No use phone!”  Now, for years I have known that I am very much like the fictious character, Amelia Bedelia, in those books I read in elementary school and that you guys still love to read.  So, when Daddy woke up today and read my post about how he got swatted he said, “Honey, I was just kidding about that! Goodness you know they can’t walk around the plane with wooden sticks.” Well, I thought it was awfully strange but since daddy said it happened I just figured they do things quite different here. 😳

There is more, but we’ll tell you in person .  😊 Love you guys and we miss you SO much!! 

2 thoughts on “Hey Kids…

  1. Hey! Jenny gave me the blog and I wanted you to know I am praying for you during your journey and always and following you as you go.


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