Birthday Blessing like no other…

Today is my long awaited “day off” that comes each year on MARCH 10th.   I had been awake about 5 seconds when Alexandra came in to take a selfie with me for some reason…

But I like this no good, fuzzy, barely awake picture since it reminds me of my favorite  birthday to date. It was the day that God sent me a gift- pure love to my soul.

I had a birthday massage scheduled that I had gotten as a gift from Daddy and She-She and just as I was leaving the masseuse  called and had to cancel. I was peaceful about it even though it was a super fun thing I had been looking forward to. A miracle in itself that I didn’t break down at not getting my “super fun thing I had been looking forward to.”

Had I been in my massage, I would have missed a perfectly orchestrated phone call that said ” THE PAPERWORK IS ALL APPROVED IN CHINA.”   I was home alone and it was so sweet to receive the call in the peace. I was so emotional that it was sweet to be able to process the reality all alone.

A Birthday Blessing like no other!!

“You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast,  because He trust in you.”                                     Isaiah 26:3

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