Serve Week

It was an incredible time getting to be a part of preparing the camp for families to attend this summer.

It snowed around 2 feet over the 5 days we were there. It was magical. Easy for me to say since I wasn’t shoveling snow each day in order to reach the mulch to spread around camp like the boys and Blake were doing. My job was Kids Crew for the first half of the day and housekeeping for the second half.

This was a favorite afternoon. It was incredible working alongside some new friends while we folded laundry and towels!

At the end of the work day, there was just enough time to swim and/or get in the hot tub- (yes in the snow!) before dinner! It was a favorite memory for all of us.

This picture makes me laugh-I am in my clothes and a toboggan for one thing and it’s loaded with kids is another thing I find hysterical/ as if we were trying to have a jacuzzi date.
After dinner we had games, skits, worship, and time in the Bible.
Henry playing cards with a new friend. All
while taking in the Mountain Views that you may be able to see behind them.

Serve Week- a week our family will never forget!

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