Caleb, Happy Birthday!

Caleb has been one special kid since the day he was born. He was born less than 15 months after his big sister. Basically 2 babies rocked my world for a bit…. but before long they were such great playmates for each other.

I began labor on the eve of the 4th of July. Our friends Stephen and Kati were having dessert as we sat on our back deck. I suddenly said, “Uhh, can someone start timing my contractions?”

I had so many contractions back to back that Stephen and Kati decided to sleep over since I would be heading to the hospital soon and baby Alexandra could stay asleep.

As Kati tells the story, “Then we awoke on the 4th of July to the smell of bacon cooking. Stephen and I were like, what in the world?”

The contractions had stopped and well, “ Let’s eat breakfast!” It was a long hot day and I didn’t have anymore contractions until the morning of the 5th. I labored until midnight and the nurses let us pick which day he was born on- the 5th or the 6th -since perhaps he was born at 11:59 pm or “was it midnight?” those in the room asked. We settled on the 5th.

Caleb is one dependable son!

He can run our little hobby farm like a champ!

He oversees a job at a neighboring farm and manages his siblings which he pays from his earnings.

He is the best kid chef I have EVER SEEN. PEOPLE, he cooks like a gourmet cook. I have friends that ask if they can pay him to catch bass, clean it, and sauté it the way our friend Johnathon North taught me years ago.

Caleb and Blake created a 9 hole golf course and he maintains it like a rock star.

Dear Caleb,

You came in the world as skies were lit up all around our country.

You bring excitement like those fireworks to our family daily. Whether it is watching you play basketball, golf, master chef in the kitchen, or going backpacking in the mountains with your dad.

You are such an example to us all with your work ethic. It is truly incredible.

You are also one of my favorite students that I have ever taught. You love to learn- what more could a teacher ask for?

I love all of these things that I mentioned above but perhaps near the top of the list is sitting on our porch at night and hearing you through your bedroom window read the Wingfeather Saga to the kids as they each falls asleep one by one.

I enjoy WHO you are and ALL that God is shaping you to be.

I am so blessed by YOU being my son, Caleb!

With love, Mama

4 thoughts on “Caleb, Happy Birthday!

  1. Happy birthday, Caleb! What a joy you are to all who know you! The Turners love you LOTS! 💗🎂🎉


  2. I loved learning more about sweet Caleb! I hope his birthday was grand! I would love to see photos of this gold course! Wow!

    P.s. I have two babies 15 months apart, too!

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