Quarantine Idea: Read

Come to think of it, I think that reading is a nice, simple, fit in the box, able to control thing to do during this home bound season.

THIS coming from the Mama that presently has a plethora of animals and children to oversee.

Early in my life, I never wanted a husband, nor children, and certainly not animals. I had a very orderly plan for my life that I thought I could control.

I like control.

I like predictability.

But then one day after many years of running from the idea of marriage the Lord did some amazing work in my heart. He healed some deep places and I began to soften to the idea of becoming a wife to Blake.

And then one child at a time we have said, “yes.” One animal at a time or 40 animals at a time we have said, “yes.”

And this life of mine has been absolutely, positively, NOT “able to control.” Yet I am exactly where I belong.

This whole conversation began because I was actually dreaming today of a very orderly, simple home bound time. One of reading lovely books and drinking chai as the days “fly by.”

Instead I can not quit laughing as I look around to see baby animal life all around me on our simple farm. As I hear baby “chick chirps” morning, noon, and night I am shaking my head not believing this life of mine. Today I awoke to baby bunnies that the kids found trying to fight for their life since Honey our dog found them…. they were crying as “their new mama” was trying to give them their goat milk. I was sure we decided that these bunnies would be in the barn but it seemed too “risky” to their new mama.

One of the bunnies didn’t make it as the day went on. 😢

Later today, I heard, “The bunny might be able to jump out of the box!” “The bunny DID jump out!” “I can’t find the bunny!”

In other news, the baby chicks got bold today – well the 20 chicks that belong to Caleb and Sophie Blake.

I looked up from chopping kale and potatoes for our lunch to find 4 or 5 chicks wandering into our pantry and at my feet.

The kids were taking a school break and playing basketball in the barn when I rang our giant “dinner” bell for the announcement that this set of 1 week old chicks MUST GO to the barn.

Can you see these 3 chicks pecking at my rug like it has feed for them on it??

We also have those little ducklings of the younger boys getting a bit bigger and making giant messes as ducklings make!

Our 18 full size chickens are behaving much better since their wings have been clipped so they can’t fly into my garden. (Don’t worry it doesn’t hurt them… it s like humans getting a hair cut.)

In addition to these wee animals, our mama cow, Rosie, is due in a month or so. So she is getting some daily feed with minerals.

Plus our fabulous mouser cat is due any day with kittens. Our resident “cat midwives” are on stand by to assist as needed.

Come to think of it, I guess reading all day would really GET BORING. Why read a book when a real life Beatrix Potter story is happening all around me??? ♥️

If I have done anything, even a little, to help small children enjoy honest, simple pleasures, I have done a bit of good.”

Beatrix Potter

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