Happy ♥️ Day!

Oh, what joy!! We have a new one here to celebrate Valentine’s Day with! And may I add that the annual (except for last year- see post here- https://tyingstrings.com/2019/02/) balloon given to each child was the BIGGEST HIT EVER with Henry Connor!

This year, Blake suggested that we draw for Secret Pals. It was super fun! We left each other notes (many were typed to prevent the receiver detecting handwriting, little gifts were left, and coupons for each other were given such as “choose a game for me to play with you,”

Our first co op day since HC has been with us. We made Valentine’s, read The Bear That Heard Crying, wrote a journal entry about the love shown in that book (a must read) and made snowflake tortilla crisps,

In light of Valentine’s Day this week, a memory came back to me from last year at this time- here is a play by play:


It was February the 13th, 2019 and all the children were eating a quick dinner before our small group with church.

Theodore suddenly said,

My high chair too little for me. We need dopt anudder child that has no one.”

I sincerely blurted out, coming off of an extra hard day with everyone 🤦🏻‍♀️, “Um, I am not sure I am doing a very good job with the ones we have.”

To which our oldest son stood, smacked his hand on our granite counter top, and with great ferver, replied,

What do YOU mean? Look at Theodore! I know that there are a ton of orphans out there, but it sure has mattered to him. We can make room for another one. What if we didn’t have Theodore? We have enough love!! It will matter to that one child if we say yes.”

And THAT my friends is when the mic dropped.

And THAT is when my heart changed back to a place of praying, watching, and waiting to see what God would do.

I had stopped praying for several months – there were things that God was working on in my heart at that particular time to heal some past pain in my life. And there wasn’t any space for praying through adoption. But THEN God used the mouth of my children to wake me up and get me praying specifically again about a new child.

Fast forward 7 months when the miracle phone call came to us. Fast forward 5 more and now this February 13th, 2020 – OH MY STARS, just LOOK AT what God has done!

#menymore ♥️

5 thoughts on “Happy ♥️ Day!”

  1. Tear-jerkingly beautiful! So very precious to your hearts, and thank you for sharing it with us. Oh, so thankful for the awesome love of our Great God manifested in the lives of your children.


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