The Best Valentine’s Gift Ever💗

I am pretty sure that when a girl gets a chicken coop complete with a lovely set of Rhode Island Red chickens as her Valentine’s gift then a city girl has for sure gone COUNTRY!

••••••• •••••••••••••

A yearning came over me about a month after we made the move to our “Hilltop Farm.” It just hasn’t quite felt complete without the beauty of chickens gracing our pasture.

SO,  this Valentine’s gift was truly exciting to get the gift of chickens from the man I love.

You see Blake hasn’t been interested in getting chickens nor has he understandably had the time to invest in building and constructing a safe haven for them for somewhat obvious reasons (namely, building me a garden, a fence to protect the garden, a giant patio to entertain on, and many other “farm” projects plus his “real” job and 6 precious ones)!

However,  for the past two weeks:

•  Pinterest has become Blake’s new best friend.

• Lowes, Tractor Supply & Blake are on a first name basis.

First trip to Lowe’s along with 6 little heads squeezed between the lovely lumber!

•We have Interviewed our smart friends about all they know on  chickens!

Here is the family with Caleb Curlin of Marmilu Farms just before we helped him catch chickens to put in their egg mobile one night!

•Researching through some good books has been an education for all and will continue to be!

• And most importantly the labor of L-O-V-E from Blake to me as he has WORKED and WORKED AND WORKED some more to renovate a horse stall into a chicken coop!

If you’re counting heads, Theodore was cozy and asleep by this point of the night !

As my  friend Betsy said, “Move over Chip Gaines…..”

And I say, “What a perfect Valentine’s to ME from a simply amazing husband!”

Along with, A Happy Valentine’s to EACH of you!! 💗💜💚

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this, while we were still sinners Christ died for us.”  Romans 5:8

10 thoughts on “The Best Valentine’s Gift Ever💗

  1. I simply love all the pictures. Favorite is the one of the kids in the wheelbarrow and Sophia Blake standing on the handles. Looks like Blake did a wonderful construction job. I grew up with lots and lots of chickens but don’t have any good advice for you. Mother had a 1000 White Rocks one year. Believe me there were chickens everywhere. Thanks for sharing.



  2. This is a perfect Valentine gift, country girl! I’m thinking we’re going to see some great chicken photos, and some interesting chicken names. I can’t wait to hear their names!


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