Day 9- Let’s Get this Party Finished, Right?

We had to be in our lobby at 7am to head over to the Medical Clinic  since Theodore had to be checked again to see if he was any better from Saturday’s appointment. We couldn’t go get his Visa until he was approved at Medical first. This was only a tiny bit nerve wracking.

Here we are in a cab having a little breakfast on the way!

This is a nurse blowing Theodore kisses as she tries to get him to stop crying.  It worked for a few seconds at a time. We have been given melon on a stick, candy, yogurt drinks, candy, stuffed animals, candy, balloons, candy, toys, candy, cookies, fruit I do not know the name of, and did I mention candy from the Chinese people to help stop him from crying since our first day with this love.

Above  are some new  friends we met that had the same consulate appointment as we did. These are their 3rd and 4th adopted kids and they are from Houston, TX.

We had to turn in all of our personal items at this point before walking in through security. We were led upstairs and took a number. We showed paperwork  and then took an oath with an American man that works in China for the U.S. Consulate.  We promised our life away and left with the final step of making Theodore ours.  It was also another step to getting him a passport so he can get into the U.S. with us.

Woo hoo!! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

You are all ours, my son!! Let’s drink to that!! (And no we didn’t get our drink from the vending machine that sells whiskey 😉. )

We went back to hotel and Theodore took a good nap.

Then the crying started so we headed back out to strolling.

This is a store owner for Jenny’s. We had a great time getting to know him and his son and store worker.   Be sure to shop here if you are ever on Shamian Island.

We haven’t been able to eat out since Theo cries too much, but we bring it to room and that usually works better.

Look at this smile! We ‘re seeing baby steps today with a few quick smiles. It melts our hearts!

You can trust us Theodore. We are here to STAY. FOREVER.

And you won’t believe the siblings waiting for you at home.

Not to mention the family and friends that already love you and also raised a lot of money to get you home.

***************************At this point we decided to get brave and send Theodore WITH Blake and WITHOUT ME to the park.

And he began to warm up to Blake more. Yippee!

Plus, I got to read a little which was a blessing for me!

Theodore hasn’t wanted to drink hardly at all, but he has taken to freshly squeezed juice.  Go figure- the boy sure has good taste.  I’ll need to get our juicer cranking when we get home.

Let’s call it a wrap!

Lamentations 3:22-23

22 The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;    his mercies never come to an end; 23 they are new every morning;  great is your faithfulness.

7 thoughts on “Day 9- Let’s Get this Party Finished, Right?

  1. Catherine, I have absolutely loved your honest, funny, heart wrenching, informational, and adorable posts!!!! I have tried to comment multiple times but think my phone is making it tricky. But just know y’all are being prayed for & we cannot wait to meet this little cutie!!!! I get so excited everytime you post something new!!!!! I cannot wait to see Theo over here with the rest of his clan. My heart is aching for him in his sadness! But wow- we know God has an amazing family & countless friends that will always be there for him! Praying for little Theo to be a happy traveler as y’all head home with him!!! Lots of love- Sarah


  2. His smile brought tears to my eyes!! Such an answered prayer! I’m sure it just made your day!!! It’s just plain fun to see God at work in your lives! 🙂 He is such a cutie and we can’t wait to meet him! Thanks for letting all of us share this experience with you! 🙂


  3. Great to see the passport and know you are almost ready to come home. We can see the change coming over Theodore and know he is going to be a happy little guy soon. Can’t wait for you to get home. Praying for a good trip with Theodore. Love you.



  4. What a cutie!! I can definitely see a change in him. He looks much more relaxed. And that smile!!!! Yay! Can’t wait to meet him! Continuing to pray. (And hooray for a Starbucks nearby!)


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