Day 5 – Moving to a New (big!) City

We are sad to say farewell to our “small” city of Nanning (40th largest city in China but would be 3rd largest in the US!!) and our magical “Narnia” behind our hotel.

We have good memories at breakfast where we started each day drinking tea, eating wonderful food, and feeding our little one. Also, it’s when we try to face time the kids or at least text them. Oh, we miss all of you kids!!

It has been  a gift to be here and have a little break as “head chef” at the Ward farm.

Instead I am spending my time as “Head Holder” for Theodore.

While he slept an hour after breakfast I wrote a blog post.

When he awoke we headed out for a walk to keep the crying to a minimum since he prefers being out of the room as I have mentioned before.😉

This is a reatuarant we walked past- yes this is the Merry Christmas and Happy New Year restaurant. 😅


This time our walk or fairy land that awaited us was the open air “market.”  It was such a raw experience for us tourists to see with all of its sights, sounds, and smells.

The temperature here is the stickiest and warmest I can ever remember being in. My closest memory is of South Florida in the middle of summer at grandparent’s house.  Having said that, we needed to hurry back to the hotel to shower off the sweat and to pack!

Then a new guide came to take the place of Amby.

She was wonderful and spent a lot of time helping make stops for more paperwork (will it ever end?) and getting us to the train station on time!

As you can see we packed “light.” And we had haul all of this up about 5 different sets of stairs. We need another shower now!

Well, a half hour later as we looked out over the countryside…

a Chinese man helped himself to Theodore’s train seat next to us. We had to purchase 3 seats since he is over age 2.

I of course was holding our crying little one so Theodore wasn’t using his seat. But honestly I selfishly wanted the seat next to me open to have a little space. Had I insisted he not sit there then I would have missed one of my favorite moments in China.

He reached for my crying baby and I was surprised Theodore willingly went to him. Then he began singing to him and speaking to him in Mandarin (even though the baby’s language is Cantonese, but close enough I guess!) and then in his best English he said over and over “You will be ok baby. Mother . Father. Love you.” And then to us “You vewy cool! Mother father vewy cool!” With a thumbs up gesture. 😄

Then, three or four times over the next hour he says to us “I tank you. For caring for one of our people. On behalf of all Chinese, I tank you.” And then he starts weeping.

A GROWN Chinese man weeping right there on the train. Weeping that we are adopting a needy child from his own country. We didn’t see that one coming.

The newest member of our family then proceeded to cry for the next two hours as we felt helpless and very sorry for the passengers packed tightly around us!  Then Blake prayed for a miracle and shortly afterward, sure enough, Theodore went into a deep sleep for the next two hours until we arrived in Guangzhou.

We fell into bed at midnight.  Thankful for our “new” home here on Shamian Island in Guangzhou.

Trivia question:  What ranking is Guangzhou as far as population of cities in China? ( example 11th largest) – no peeking in google (which is illegal here by the way!) 😉 Leave your guesses  in comment section!

11 thoughts on “Day 5 – Moving to a New (big!) City

  1. You always look nice and fresh. I have wondered about the temperature there. Is this new city part of the adoption or just taking advantage to see more of the country? Thankful for the kind man on the train.

    Happy Memorial weekend.


  2. What a blessing this man was! The verse in Hebrews 13 about entertaining angels came to mind. 🙂 “Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.” As far as a guess, I have no clue, but I’ll play. Hmmm…4th? 🙂


  3. Praying that God will continue to wrap His loving arms around you all, and make this transition a little smoother for all of you! We love you!


  4. I am a SOBBING mess – I told you they love their people there! When we were in the airport heading to Guangzhou, a man became so over well to see all 16 families with their children that he cried and thanked us over and over again for caring for these children. It was such a memorable moment.

    Loving watching you from afar. Theo is doing great and so are you little adventurers! (The market!? That’s awesome!!!)


  5. What a God send the man on the train was to you! Praying for little Theo to feel your love and not be so scared. Love you!


  6. I feel like I’m almost there with you. The sights, smells, joy and tears…overwhelming and yet so life-changing…as motherhood is. I know you are “treasuring up all these things in your heart”. Praying this verse for you as you settle in Guangzhou…”The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.” Love you! 💕 (Is Guangzhou the 3rd largest?)


  7. Our entire family has read, relived and cried reading your wonderful blog of your best journey ever! When we adopted Clare on March 27, 2000, we didn’t have iPads or cell phones…but our experiences are so similar to yours and I am so glad it can be shared. If Steve and I were younger, we would go again in a heartbeat. God handpicked our precious daughter and she has blessed our lives every day. We can not wait to meet Theodore and welcome him home. You are now first on my invite list to Chinese New Year at Asia Garden ( much different than the restaurants you are eating at!). You have to see and experience it to believe it! We will pray for your safe return and how blessed you are to have this precious, beautiful child in your family. Let’s get together when you get back and compare notes… Love and God bless, Christy, Steve and Clare


  8. What a day!! Praying Jesus continues to walk with you every step of the way!! Be strong, He is with you……He will not let go! What a blessing to encounter the man on the train! What a testimony. Thank you Jesus! We love you all!!

    Have not idea, have never heard of that city and James hasn’t either, LOL! I will guess 4th largest?


  9. I finally was able to catch up on your blog posts in the middle of the night with Oaks last night. 🙂 Wow!! Loving all of the details. Praying for each of you. Love you so much!! 2nd largest?


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