Day 4- We πŸ’™ China

After breakfast, Amby our wonderful guide (have I mentioned how great he is?) came to take us to  Qingxiu Mountain. 

It was so beautiful – a flower lover like myself was in heaven. 

And Theodore loves his stroller- that is unless BLAKE touches it. 

And Blake had to touch it about 20x to help maneuver up and down all of the stairs.  Poor baby. 

These are orchids!!
Love these amazing Chinese people. They are so friendly.

I think I have been handed a Kleenex to wipe his nose from a Local about 10x- mom of the year here. His nose is constantly dripping and it s sweet at how the people love him and offer a napkin.  

These men are transplanting flowers onto the trees.

I want one to take back! !

Pineapple on a stick soaked in salt water anyone?

Well, when we returned the crying began.  

He is very unhappy in the hotel room. Who can blame him? But we do have to sleep here and change clothes and catch our breath here. 

We danced to All Sons and Daughters (thanks Gary Bailey!) on Pandora until he fell asleep.  

It’s a privilege to do this. We are seeing God’s grace surround us. There are hard moments but they pale in comparison to what Theodore is going through. 

We talked today at how he is like a 2 year old version of Job. He has lost what few material possessions  he had (be it Hello Kitty) and a bed to sleep in. Theodore has lost his friends and what to him were his siblings. He has lost the closest thing to a mom and dad. And he is physically not feeling well- bringing a cold and congestion with him. 

He woke up angry in night- I would be angry too.  

Matthew 19:26 

But Jesus looked at them and said to them, β€˜With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible. 

He has no idea what God has in store. New clothes, sippy cups, his own clean bed, siblings that will adore him, friends to run with, extended family to spoil him, good food to eat, free open space to roam, ducks to waddle after, puppies to chase, kittens to cuddle. 

But most of all, God’s love in the flesh- a father and a mother  that love him unconditionally.   A father and a mother that CHOSE him. That chased him all the way around the world . We will prove it with God’s strength day after day. 

Thank you for reading, commenting, and caring. You’ll never know how much it means to us!πŸ’™ 

(Tomorrow we pick up little man’s passport and head on a fast speed train that will take us 3 and 1/2 hours to Guangzhou where we’ll be for a week)

16 thoughts on “Day 4- We πŸ’™ China

  1. How beautiful the flowers are in China!! Must make it easier to spend so much time outdoors where Theodore is happiest. I’m praying each day for the bonding process to become more natural and that you’ll get that big smile again very soon! God certainly chose the perfect two people to be his mommy and daddy, as not just anyone could handle it. Keep looking up. So thankful to have you as my friend. β€οΈπŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜πŸŒΊ


  2. I am so THRILLED to hear that you’re loving China! Everything you said rang true for us, too. The people really care for “their” children and they don’t mind stopping you to tell you what you’re doing “wrong”. Haha. I love seeing all the beautiful things in Nanning, one of the most special places you’re heart will ache to visit. The most special thing I saw in China were the exercise classes, dancing together in a courtyard ,families playing cards on an overturned laundry basket while city life zoomed by and also people not wasting like we do here. The broom – perfect example. China is a treasure to us, as it is for you both I can tell. I’m so thrilled to see your compassion and enthusiasm for this country. Soak it all in! I wake up every morning and look here immediately! :-). Prayers continually!!! Theo is doing GREAT. He is doing what he should be doing, but it’s so painful to watch. We are praying for his heart!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Catherine!! I agree. This just absolutely breaks my heart for that sweet boy and for you. You already know this, but it is such a good sign that he is having a “normal” response to leaving and to having a man take care of him. And that the ladies there care so much for him! Such a gift that he will benefit from for a long time! So so sweet and heartbreaking too. ❀️ Praying for rest and for quick bonding for all three of you!


  3. Hello sweet friends! I’m just catching up on your trip. I’ve been praying, but with the end of school, I haven’t taken time to read. You’re posting way more than I thought you would! Woohoo! I’ll check in daily now. πŸ™‚ I love seeing you with precious Theodore. What a treasure…you are to him and he is to you. Praise God!


  4. Hope things get smoother for little man….he is such a cutie!!! Can’t wait to get some hugs and kisses….God bless yall and prayers coming your way for things to get easier for him and yall!!! Love yall
    Uncle steve and aunt tracy


  5. Praying he will feel God’s love flow from you and Blake and that from that love he will gain peace and trust! I am also praying God gives you two patience and joy for this season of life! Love getting to see the updates you post!!!


  6. Marianne and I can’t wait to see your updates each day. Such beauty around you. I just pray that Theodore will take to Blake soon. I’m sure he will. I will be praying for you in your new city for a week and be eager to hear what all you are doing there. You are not missing anything here at home with the stormy weather all around the country. Our pool isn’t even ready for the weekend. Love you.



  7. So happy for yall maybe things will start getting smoother. Praying for yall and the Lil cutie….can’t wait to get some kisses and hugs. Prayers going up…love yall
    Uncle steve and aunt tracy


  8. Praying a new hotel room brings a new joy for him. Our friends who just returned with their daughter from China had the same reaction from her while in their first hotel room. Thankfully when they changed hotels she seemed to be happier in the new room. Praying the same will be true for Theodore. Praying for you three and big brothers and sisters here constantly.


  9. We are praying that the change of hotels will bring him peace and joy, too. We are praying for him to be able to feel more settled and to be able to trust again. This must be so hard, but I’m so glad to see you guys exploring and enjoying the beautiful scenery! Thank you so much for the updates so we know how to pray for you guys! We are praying for peace and supernatural strength for you and Blake! You are doing a wonderful job taking care of this sweet boy!!! Hugs!

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  10. I love orchids!! I love your dream land! So proud of you and Blake for resting on God’s promises in His Word and seeking your strength from Him! Very encouraging to read of your faith and trust in our Heavenly Father. He is working through you guys, wooing Theodore to Himself. Much love and prayers sent over the oceans! Can’t wait to meet him and see you again! Tiffany


  11. Ohhhhhhh, my heart! I’m so thankful that you’re sharing this journey and documenting it so well for us all to follow. I’m on pins and needles waiting for the next update, haha. I want to jump through the computer and give T a hug so bad!!!!! I’d love to see you guys soon.


  12. We love seeing the updates everyday and are praying every morning for all of you. We’re especially praying for Theo to bond, trust, be comforted, and show that beautiful smile again! πŸ™‚


  13. Glad the blog trouble got fixed. I have been trying to comment and defiantly wanted you guys to know that I was reading, seeing, feeling and praying. He is adorable! I love how you are loving Theo. Oh the stories you will continually be able to tell of God’s presence and guidance!

    From one flower lover to another….beautiful!

    Love you and can’t wait to meet Theodore Lee!


  14. Praying for comfort for your precious son (& for his mama & daddy, too) & that though, in his world, things are different, today Theo would clearly sense that things are not bad.
    Thank you for taking the time to update us all on your journey! What a blessing to read & see how God is being glorified!!!


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