With a Grateful 💙… (Part 3) 

He laid on me for another few hours and ate a little.  He loves his sippy cup which he held until he fell asleep. 

And he has been soundly asleep since last night. 

Once we heard him talking in his sleep saying a word in his Cantonese language (not Mandarin!) I am pretty sure from my background in Cantonese that he said, “My new  mommy and daddy are really great!” 😉

Today we will meet with the workers and spend our day  proving  over and over again our love for him.     💙💙💙

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear… 

We love because HE first loved us.” I John 4: 18,19

14 thoughts on “With a Grateful 💙… (Part 3) 

  1. Laughter! Tears! Prayers! What an emotional roller coaster you are taking us on! Oh, precious child, what a life awaits you! Prayers continue, dear ones!!!


  2. We are all tears here at the Barnes house! Oh he is already so loved! Lifting you all up!
    PS. I got to see your kiddos today at the Pendergrasses. Alexandra was feeding baby bunnies milk with a medicine dropper- such a sweet little mother! I know they cannot wait to meet Theo!


  3. We are so happy for you guys!! He is so precious and can’t wait to meet him! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


  4. I am sitting in the Walmart parking lot crying my eyes out. I know exactly how you feel and it’s so exciting yet you grieve for their hearts!!!! You will see a much different baby soon and I love looking back and seeing all the ways Joy has grown. It’s a journey like none other – so unique. Your love is being reflected from Him to that sweet child and you are glowing!!! I haven’t quit thinking of you and we prayed at school this morning for you! Sending love! Can’t wait for the next update!!!!!


  5. I have been following you silently since you left to bring back sweet Theo to a world of love. He is precious. I know your sweet kiddo’s here are going to love Theo. Your family is in our hearts and prayers each day. Can’t wait for the next post. Love to you and Blake…and Theo. Diane and Bob Stader


  6. Overflowing with joy for you all. I have cried and cried reading your story and seeing all the wonderful pictures of Theo. Love him! We have been praying for your family daily.


  7. YES! Tears of joy and thanksgiving. Will be praying for the details of paperwork, forms, VISAS?? whatever is next! Be strong and courageous Blake and Catherine!! Thank you Jesus for all you are doing and yet to do! Blessings and love on sweet Theo, may he be at peace in your arms! We love you all! The Duse Crew


  8. Love reading this!!! You can be as wordy or as concise as you feel like being! And those pictures!!!! He’s adorable and looks like he fits in your arms perfectly. ❤️💛❤️ Great idea on the bubbles!!! 🛁😃
    Also…I totally felt the same way leaving with Liam, like they are really letting us leave with this precious new life and we have no clue. 😂


  9. What a beautiful journey you are laying out for all to read! Can’t wait to meet Theo! Love you!! Dad


  10. there are few moments of genuine laughter and tears combined – you’ve just given me a great one…. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing! How incredibly precious!!!! May his fear be driven out more and more each day


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