With a full πŸ’™ heart… (Part 1)

Mercy, peace, and love, be yours in abundance. Jude 1:3

We are SO grateful to be able to share this journey with each of you. Thank you for caring and for praying, and for supporting us! This precious boy has no idea what is waiting for him back in the U.S.-   A remarkable group of family and friends to love him and share in his life. Blake and I often talk of how blessed we are to be surrounded by folks like you!  I have wanted to respond to each comment, but it is proving harder than I thought – please know we are responding in our hearts to you and thank you for commenting! 

Warning: this may be a long post,  I am going to try to walk you through yesterday. I have a GREAT fear  of boring you to death, so feel free to just wait for another concise post 😊. 

Blake and I went to exchange money before heading to meet Theodore.
On our brief ride to the government office, Amby, our amazing guide gave us a gift and sang us a song. It helped to distract me since my heart was beating out of my chest.

We walked in to see this glorious sight. Our new friends were already there getting their precious new daughter!

There is no telling what I wrote on that paperwork since my hand was shaking and I was so nervous. As usual, Blake was calming yet he was eager to see Theodore as well. We saw glimpses of him in a side room and that got us pumped up!

And then one of the orphanage nannies came in carrying our sleeping son.

And then all the workers start talking in Chinese something like ,”Give mama baby. ” So I jump up and reach for him as soon as we got the go ahead!

For the first few minutes, he cut his eyes up at Blake and I . Then he realized his situation when one of the orphanage workers speaks. And the tears start flowing for him, the workers, of course me, and even Blake.

To be continued…… 

5 thoughts on “With a full πŸ’™ heart… (Part 1)

  1. This has been so amazing to be able to follow your “baby story”. I anxiously wait for the next installment that you share along with the pictures. They really bring it to life! I can feel your excitement and that big smile on your face shows so much love. Have a blessed bonding time with your boy. Love, Marianne


      1. Cathy, I wouldn’t have missed following your progress for anything in the world! I’m praying little Theodore’s heart will just melt all of a sudden for both his new mama and daddy and the walls will come down. It may take getting him home and being with the kids to get him to open up. Sounds like he speaks no English, so the language will be a challenge for him. Sending many prayers. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’™


  2. It won’t be long until he will br glued to mama and daddy. Can’t wait to squeeze himβ™₯️


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